# ----------------------------------- # # Control file for buoy-data.php program # # put name of associated image in MAPIMAGE line # MAP | image | W,H | X,Y offset for legend X=0 left, Y=0 top MAPIMAGE|buoy/southeast/SouthEast.jpg|751,440|5,5| # LOC | LATITUDE | LONGITUDE | Radial Distance # like: LOCATION|35N|75W|500| # for location central to your mesomap. # # # Buoy | Name | Coords (assoc with MAPIMAGE)| Values Display offset X,Y (optional) # # Coords are Left,Top,Right,Bottom in pixels for rectangle hotspot link over buoy legend # # Offsets to jog display -X=to left, +X=to right, -Y=raise, +Y=lower (in pixels) # relative to Left,Bottom coord for display of values. # 41033|Fripp Nearshore (FRP 2)|101,323,136,336| SCIS1|South Capers Island, SC|97,281,132,295| 41424|370 NM East of Charleston, SC|476,288,513,301| JMPN7|Wrightsville Beach, NC|180,222,219,236| 41112|Offshore Fernandina Beach, FL|60,394,94,407| 41027|Sunset Mid-Shelf (SUN 3)|168,270,203,285| 41035|Onslow Bay, NC|223,207,257,221| 41037|27 miles SE of Wrightsville Beach, NC|244,247,279,262| 41038|5 miles SE of Wrightsville Beach, NC|231,230,266,244| FRDF1|Fernandina Beach, FL|10,385,47,401| MYPF1|Mayport (Bar Pilots Dock), FL|11,407,51,420| ORIN7|Oregon Inlet Marina, NC|333,161,369,175| BFTN7|Beaufort, NC|269,198,305,213| 41024|Sunset Nearshore (SUN 2)|192,249,226,264| FPKG1|Fort Pulaski, GA|35,330,72,344| FRPS1|Fripps Inlet, SC|56,314,90,328| SECG1|U.S. Navy Tower R4 GA|108,389,145,404| 41030|Capers Mid-Shelf (CAP 3)|146,321,179,335| 41029|Capers Nearshore (CAP 2)|137,285,174,300| SKMG1|U.S. Navy Tower M2R6 GA|108,361,146,375| 41012|St. Augustine, FL|99,418,134,434| SAUF1|St. Augustine, FL|15,423,51,439| TYBG1|U.S. Navy Tower R8 GA|125,339,163,355| 41013|Frying Pan SHO|232,282,266,296| 41025|Diamond Shoals|340,195,376,210| SPAG1|U.S. Navy Tower R2 GA|58,369,96,384| 41001|Cape Hatteras|490,210,523,224| 41008|Grays Reef|39,350,74,366| FBIS1|Folly Island, SC|85,298,119,314| 41004|Edisto|168,307,204,322| 41002|S Hatteras|337,313,370,328| FPSN7|Frying Pan Shoals, NC|236,264,272,277| CLKN7|Cape Lookout, NC|283,223,321,238| DUCN7|Duck Pier, NC|321,144,357,159| MROS1|Springmaid Pier, SC|124,255,165,270| SNSN7|Sunset Beach, NC|146,237,185,253| 44004|HOTEL|571,46,608,62| # # ---------- end of control file --------